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Coin Specs


Coin Name:CaluraCoin
Type:POS / MN
Max Money:250.000.000
Block Time:2 min
Maturity time:3 hours

Every Effort

CaluraCoin is still in its infancy, its future may still seem a little uncertain for most people, but we know well what we want for it, a currency without a solid community, without the support of the community and investors, does not nowhere, many simply appear on the market to be burned by their developers to simply take some money off the market, and then they are abandoned, forgotten ... We at CaluraCoin are different, we are committed to this project, we believe in it and we will always go forward regardless of whether the market is good or bad, if they are dumping the currencies in the market, if it is necessary we will buy them in the market because we believe in potential, is a fast transaction currency and with a low fee, the DPOS protocol is giving good rewards and in the future will be even better with the implementation of the MN and a new currency distribution plan. Every effort must, and will be rewarded, it is in this that we believe and think of it that we impart our hearts into this project.


CaluraCoin Roadmap

Q2 2018

Launch Blockchain
Windows Wallet
Linux Wallet
Discord Server

Q3 2018

End Pre-Sale
Whitepaper Release
First Exchange Listing
Mac Wallet
Social Profiles
Website Release
Airdrop and Bounties
Marketing Activities
Referral Programm

Q4 2018

MN Development
CryptoHub Listing
Southexchange Listing
Mobile Wallet
Marketing Activities

Q1 2019

Crypto-Bridge Listing
Stocks.Exchange Listing Listing
CoinExchange Listing
CoinMarketCap Listing
2019 RoadMap Listing


The Documentation

Download CaluraCoin Wallet

Latest Release

Download Whitepaper

Comming Soon

Download Soon
Name Price
Crex24 0.00000025
Pre-Sale Starts 7/31/2018
Pre-Sale Period 7/31/2018
Pre-Sale Cap 7/31/2018
Pre-Sale Terms 7/31/2018
Token Sale Starts 7/31/2018
Token Sale Period 7/31/2018
Soft Cap 7/31/2018
Our experts

Team Members

Lauro Beleche


Ulisses Zoras

Marketing Head

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